As an artist, skier, and guide I have been lucky to explore remote areas throughout Alaska. Navigating vast natural landforms has trained me to continually read my surroundings; to anticipate the fluid forces of a river, to feel the distinct layers in a snowpack, and to carefully consider shifting patterns in the clouds. In this way, my visual vocabulary is rooted in the natural landscapes of Alaska. 

The backbone of my artistic process relies on information gathered in the field. Outside I sketch, paint, write, and take photographs. Painting landscapes firsthand allows me to directly respond to the changes that occur within an environment over a period of time, empowering me to grasp at the underlying structure of the natural world. As I record, interpret and question my observations of a landscape, I am constantly challenged to readjust my understanding of these complex places.

Making art and chasing wilderness are highly intertwined personal endeavors, fueled by a compulsion to explore, and driven by a desire to respond to my surroundings. Together, art and wilderness provide a playground to better understand myself, others, and how we interact with our collective environment.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at my work!