"Wandering" @ Well Street / by Klara Maisch


Crystal Cliff - Oil on canvas - 20" x 16"




Well Street Art Company

May 2-30, 2014


New paintings from the Arctic Coast, the Attigun River, the Yukon River, the Alaska Range, Haines, and Whistler, B.C.

Painting and adventure go hand in hand. Picking up a paintbrush is the same feeling as clicking into skis. The rush of potential is inherent in every blank canvas and snowy powder line. Wandering is a state of mind, allowing me to embrace uncertainty with intuition and action. This past year, I feel lucky to have been able to explore many new places throughout Alaska and British Colombia. I want to extend my thanks to all of the people who have had a role in making this show possible, there are so many of you! Thank you for your endless enthusiasm, support, and knowledge. Happy trails!