"Communities, Disaster, & Change" @ Well Street / by Klara Maisch


One Year Later - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas - 48" x 26"


"Communities, Disaster, & Change"


Well Street Art Company

January 9 – February 23, 2015


“Communities, Disaster and Change” is a traveling exhibition coordinated by the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive, in Valdez, Alaska. Framed by the 50-year anniversary of the devastating Good Friday Earthquake that struck Alaska on March 27, 1964, the exhibit features 28 of Alaska’s finest artists from around the state" See the full traveling schedule and learn more here: http://www.valdezmuseum.org

One Year Later was inspired by the 2011 Moose Mountain Fire. I am fascinated by how wildfires expose the underlying structure of the forest, distilling it (sometimes literally) to its roots. Observing the forest over two years, there is a dramatic transformation from endless black to the brightest of colors, especially with the first bloom of fireweed. Fireweed is a fragile yet fierce reminder of the new growth that occurs in the aftermath of a natural disaster. In painting this piece, I began to see the forest’s ecological community as a metaphor for human community. Natural disasters remind us of how interconnected we truly are, not only with one another, but also with the natural world. There is a universal cycle of death and rebirth that underlies all natural systems, including human life.