Need more ink! Try again! Don't Give up! / by Klara Maisch


Printmaking at Pearl Creek elementary through "Artist-In-The-Schools"

Last week I was thrilled to be able to work alongside my clone... er I mean my mom, Mary Maisch. (I guess technically I'm her clone!) We worked with Jesse Hensel through the Fairbanks Art's Association's "Artist-In-The-Schools" program to design a printmaking project for Pearl Creek Elementary School students. It was my first joint teaching gig with my mom and we both can't wait to do it again! The students (all 520+ of them!) were eager to get their hands messy making prints. Printmaking was a new challenge for many of them, but when faced with the frustrations that often accompany the process, they remained engaged and displayed flexibility and creativity that was awesome to witness. One fourth grade boy exemplified this when asked what he thought about his first print: "Not enough ink... try again... don't give up!!" It was extremely rewarding to see him and his fellow classmates progress from test printing to editioning in the course of an hour or less. We focused on elements of the landscape and taught five different printmaking processes including Gelli monoprints and four variations on printing relief. A HUGE thank you to Jesse Hensel, Pearl Creek Elementary School staff and students, Fairbanks Art's AssociationAlaska State Council on the Arts, the Rasmuson Foundation, and all of our state legislators who continue to support "Artist-In-The-Schools."