Art Meets Snow Safety / by Klara Maisch

New EARAC logo, coming soon to stickers and hats near you!!

New EARAC logo, coming soon to stickers and hats near you!!

Introducing the "Eastern Alaska Range Avalanche Center" 

Winter travel in the mountains requires observation to make safe decisions about terrain, weather, current snowpack conditions, and how to proceed efficiently through the landscape. It also requires that you look inwards– to examine your personality, to develop your personal "acceptable risk threshold," and to therefore be more receptive and responsive to group dynamics. Avalanche classes are an excellent way to increase your awareness, make more educated decisions, and better prepare for the time when the snow does slide. 

Southeast and South Central Alaska have robust avalanche programs,  but Interior Alaska has lacked an official avalanche organization until now. The demand for such an organization was apparent, especially considering our unique Interior snowpack and the increasing number of people headed into the backcountry. With this in mind, a group of people came together to form the Eastern Alaska Range Avalanche Center. Follow EARAC on facebook for condition discussions and to learn about avalanche classes and workshops. Live to ski another day!

OH! And I almost forgot! I had the pleasure of creating the EARAC logo... Art meets snow safety after all!