"Our Boreal Forest" @ The Bear Gallery / by Klara Maisch

Fire I, II, III - Cut paper, gouache, acrylic, silver ink, and charcoal on BFK Rives - 18" x 4"


"Our Boreal Forest"


The Bear Gallery

Group Exhibit

August 7 – August 28, 2015


Forest fires are an extreme reset of life in the Boreal Forest. By burning away the undergrowth and distilling branches to a single crisp black line, fires reveal an underlying physical structure that is rarely exposed. The cellulose of a burned out black spruce reveals patterns of cellular growth in deep values of brittle black and shimmering silver. The lick of flame is inherent in the curvy, carved out forms of trunks. In this way, forest fires allow us a glimpse at the skeleton of our surroundings, and reminds us of the fragility and fierceness of life.