"SURGE" @ Museum of Northwest Art / by Klara Maisch

Ghost Trees  - Acrylic on Canvas - 34” x 42”

Ghost Trees - Acrylic on Canvas - 34” x 42”

Museum of Northwest Art
La Conner, Washington
Group Exhibit
September 17 - 25, 2016


Ghost Trees is intended to be a stark yet engaging depiction of an “extreme” fire incident in the Pacific Northwest. Large scale forest fires are part of a feedback cycle of warmer temperatures, lack of moisture and relative fuel flammability. Forest fires have been increasing in intensity over the last twenty years. “Extreme” fire events are evidence of this change, as massive fires rip through thousands of acres of lush growth. In exposing the underlying physical structure of a forest, we are confronted with a hauntingly beautiful reminder of the fragility and fierceness of life. 

This work was created in collaboration with Dave Peterson, a research scientist who studies fire ecology and climate change in the Pacifc Northwest. Dave is part of the Western Mountain Initiative- a team of USGS, US Forest Service, and university scientists "working to understand and predict the responses of western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change, emphasizing sensitivities, thresholds, and resilience."